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Supplements Designed To Strengthen Your Nutritional Foundation

High quality nutritional supplements do have a purpose and that purpose is to supplement what you are doing through food to build the strongest nutritional foundation that you can.  

Don’t buy a supplement though to replace a deficiency.  Now it isn’t realistic that your nutritional foundation will be so rock solid that you won’t need a single supplement.  That just won’t be the case with our busy lifestyles and the nutritional quality of our food getting worse. 

There are situations where shoring up your nutritional foundation is essential such as if you struggle with getting in enough protein in your diet.  Then a protein powder is a good supplement to help fill in that weak spot.  Or maybe you just don’t eat enough vegetables each and every day.  This is where a whole food based multivitamin is beneficial.  

I know from my 22+ years of experience as a Registered Dietitian that as a society we struggle with consuming enough cold water fatty fish such as Salmon which provides our essential Omega-3 fats.  So you then supplement with a high quality krill oil.