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Do You Use These Oils For Cooking? 

There are tons of oils you can use for cooking, but not all of them are healthy for you.  

Even if they are healthy for you when you heat them up and use them to cook with they can become unhealthy real quick.  

So what oils do you use to cook with?  

In this video I list out which oils are:

  • Best To Cook With
  • Which Oils Are Best At Low To Medium Cooking Temperatures
  • Which Oils To NEVER Cook With. 



Now that you have the low down on which oils are best to cook with for high heat as well as medium to low heat.  Let's know which specific oils to never cook with. 

Two of these oils are actually healthy for as long as you don't cook with them.  The other 4 should be avoided even if you are not using them to cook with. 

This article on the next page shows you the 6 oils to NEVER cook with.