7 Hacks To Stay Motivated--Even When You've Stopped Losing Or The "Click" Hasn't Happened Yet


…the 7 tips that every successful transformer knows—and you should too!

A client of mine confided in me that she had reached the end of her rope.  She was beyond frustrated with her overall results.

She kept pushing harder and harder…

She was eating perfectly (I even checked her journal)…

But she had stopped losing weight.  Every time she stepped on the scale, the number just wouldn’t change.  

(Even at the doctor’s office, the weight was the same!)

A few times she broke down and cried—because she was so disappointed in the results (or lack thereof) she was seeing.

She had reached her wits end and was about to quit everything and just live her life miserably and out-of-shape.

That was 3 months ago…

Over the course of those 3 months, she managed to lose 30 pounds—and she has no plans of stopping.  So what changed exactly?

Well, as she was going through her journals—ripping out page after page—she found a little note that I had tucked away.

She told me, as she was sitting on the floor, her head against the bed, she started to read.

And the words that jumped off the page CHANGED HER LIFE FOREVER!

What did the note say?

The Top 7 Ways to Change Your Body—After You STOPPED Losing

It was the checklist of all checklists!  The top 7 ways on how to stay motivated—even if you've stopped losing weight.

The following day, she started off with step 1…then 2…then  3…until she adopted all 7 of the tips.  And in that process she ended up losing, not only weight, but significant inches around her waist!

Now, you may be asking, “how does this apply to me?”  Well, if you’re struggling to lose weight…or lost motivation after a few weeks of not seeing changes on the scale…

These 7 tips will help you along the way.  Of course, everyone is different and no two transformations will be the same.  But trust me, if you follow the 7 rules (below), then you may see a slimmer, toner, sexier version of you in just a few weeks:

1. Create a Vision Board

I know it may sound strange, but creating a vision of yourself in the future helps to keep people motivated.  Ask yourself these types of questions to build the person that you dream of becoming:

What does your body look like?
Where are you?
How do you feel?
What does your body feel like?

Are you acting differently?

Creating your ideal vision of yourself is one of the best motivators around.  There is nothing more powerful than seeing (and emotionally feeling) what you will look like when you drop 5, 10, or 15 pounds.

Visualizing your body will help push you forward and push you harder than you ever thought possible!

2. List Out Your Reasons

This is by far the biggest part of weight loss.  Blanket statements like “I want to lose 5 pounds,” or “I want to fit in that teeny, tiny bikini,” just don’t work.

They are too broad and won’t help you refine and focus your goals.  But, if you write down exactly what you’re looking to accomplish, then you’re more than likely going to succeed.

For example, take the statement I want to lose 5 pounds.  How can you make it stronger?

How about “I want to lose 5 pounds so I don’t get winded playing with my kids outside.”   That’s a more concrete reason AND will help you keep your motivation because it’s now not just about weight.

It’s about your health, your kids, and your longevity.

3. Old Self vs. New Self

Here’s a great way to keep motivated even if the scale hasn’t budged in a couple weeks.  Think of yourself in two different scenarios:

Where will you be if you stop dieting and exercising?


Where will you be if you continue to eat healthy and exercise every day?

If you believe that you will still be fat and unhappy if you quit exercising, then that is all the motivation some people need to keep going.

Also, if you see yourself being thinner, fitter, and sexier with more energy and a higher self-confidence if you keep exercising, then why wouldn’t you?

Thinking about yourself in these two distinct ways will keep your eyes on the prize and keep you motivated to make changes.

4. Set Smaller, Realistic Goals

By setting realistic goals, you’re going to build self-confidence every time you reach a certain milestone toward your goal.

If your goal is to lose 10 pounds, then setting a goal to lose 1 pound a week (and hitting that goal week after week) will help you stay focused and keep you motivated to stay on the path of change.

Setting unrealistic goals, however, will give you an excuse to stop the program if you don’t get close to the goal.

5. Change How You Think

In order to change your body, you need to think positively and differently.

Positive thoughts always help with motivation—be it weight loss or life in general.  Instead of thinking that you missed 5 days this week at the gym, turn it around and tell yourself you did a great job getting to the gym at least 2 days this week—with your busy schedule.

The same goes for nutrition.  Instead of thinking I ate junk all week, change it to say that at least 2 days this week you drank more water or included more fruits and veggies.

Here are some other positive and more mindful ways to look at things:

I skipped the drive-through going to or from work.

I noticed some definition in my abs—I guess those exercises are paying off.

Man that was LIGHT!  I guess it’s time to up the weight.

Making these small, positive changes will keep you motivated and change how you look at things from this point on.

6.  Stop Weighing Yourself

I know that this is going to sound strange, but one of the best ways to keep yourself motivated is to skip getting on the scale.

Remember, the scale weighs everything inside your body.   So it’s natural for the scale to fluctuate over the course of a week.

Seeing the numbers never change—or worse, go up—makes it that much harder to stay motivated on your program.

So you should skip the scale and focus more on how your clothes fit or any changes you see in the mirror.  It will be the BEST thing for helping to push yourself through weight loss barriers.

7. Constantly Evaluate

If you’re not seeing changes…or your goals aren’t being met…it’s time to make some changes to your expectations.

Every month you should be looking at your goals—and the steps to help reach them—in order to see if they are too aggressive and will deter you from continuing on.

By re-evaluating your goals and making your goals harder (or easier) could really help push you through any obstacle and help transform your body.

Keep Losing Even When You Are Stuck…

Losing weight can be a hard game.  Some days you lose some, and other days you gain some.

But what makes it even harder—and a cause for lost motivation—is when you can’t seem to lose weight—week after week.

So what is a person to do?  Well, you can start by following the 7 tips from above.   These 7 tips aren’t designed to make you lose weight like gangbusters…

…they are there to help you stay focused on your weight loss journey—no matter the obstacles you encounter.

But you must beware…

Even with these tips in place, you may still have a hard time losing weight and transforming your body.  But don’t worry, we have you covered.  On the next page, you’re going to learn the TRUTH behind your weight loss woes.  

You’re also going to learn about certain herbs, spices, and fruits that could help accelerate your metabolism and burn pound after pound of belly fat—in just 8 short weeks.   

Discover the reason why your metabolism is busted and exactly what you need to do to fix it:





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