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Omega Icon contains long chain Omega-3 fatty acids, phospholipids, choline and astaxanthin. 

The krill oil in Omega Icon is extracted exclusively from Euphasia superba, an Antarctic krill species.  Krill move in huge swarms throughout pure Antarctic waters and feed on microscopic algae which is what provides their diet with such a quality source of omega-3s. 

The algae is also rich in astaxanthin, a potent antioxidant that gives Omega Icon its distinctive red color and acts as a preservative to the omega-3 fatty acids.

Astaxanthin keeps Omega Icon fresh, protecting the omega-3 fatty acids from oxidation because of its health-promoting suppression of free radicals.  

The long chain omega-3 fats in Omega Icon are better recognized by the body because they are mostly attached to phospholipids which results in a higher cellular incorporation. 

This is key to ensuring the delivery of the fatty acids EPA and DHA to various parts of the body such as the brain, eyes, heart, and joints. 

Omega Icon is a popular source of omega-3s because the key fatty acids are more bio-efficient.  The second benefit is the absence of reflux because the omega-3s actually mix with the stomach contacts, which avoids reflux and other unpleasant digestive side effects that are associated with other marine sources of Omega-3s. 

The omega-3s in Omega Icon are transported and integrated into cell membranes, quicker and more efficiently because they are bound to phospholipids. 

When these fatty acids make it into the cell membranes the EPA and DHA have the ability to make cells more flexible and function better. 

Where we source our krill oil from is important to meet all these high quality standards.  We specifically use Superba krill as our source which also contains Choline.  A nutrient that is essential to liver, heart, and cognitive function. 


 Health Benefits Of Omega-3s (EPA & DHA)


EPA & DHA are considered to be one of the most important nutrients a person can consume for improving public health globally. 

The Global Organization for EPA/DHA (GOED) states that omega-3s are one of the most researched nutrients in the world.  There are more studies on omega-3s than almost any other substance.  That includes more studies than what has been conducted on Ibuprofen, calcium, Vitamin D and even Lipitor®.

There are more than 30,000 published papers and according to GOED’s executive director, Adam Ismail, we are still at the beginning of understanding the value of Omega-3s in human health.



About 90% of the American population is deficient in omega-3s because the typical Western diet contains inadequate amounts.   This deficiency is linked to damaged cell structure, decreased fluidity and results in cell dysfunction.  This is important because cellular dysfunction has been linked to health conditions of the heart, brain, liver, joints and so forth.

Omega-3 deficiency is also purported to contribute to various diseases that are based on inflammation.  Such diseases are heart disease, Alzheimer’s/dementia and arthritis to name just a few. 



Our Omega Icon Source of Krill Is Clinically Proven


Superba Krill, which is the source we use, is backed by a growing base of evidence.  The parent company is the largest contributor to the scientific investigation of krill and its health properties. 

In one such study, participants started out with an average Omega-3 index of 2.0 which is a relatively low value. 

After just 8 weeks of daily supplementation with 2 grams of the same krill oil that we bottle, the average index went up to 4.5.  That is an increase of 125%. 

These observations show that the phospholipid omega-3s are absorbed in the gut to the bloodstream, and that the EPA and DHA are incorporated into the cells.

In another published study, researchers investigated our source of krill’s ability to lower triglycerides without raising LDL (“bad” cholesterol) in those who have high or borderline high triglyceride levels.

Three hundred subjects participated in the randomized double-blind placebo-controlled multi-center US study. 

This study showed that the krill oil we use in Omega Icon is effective in reducing cardiovascular risk factors, and shows a triglyceride-lowering effect without impacting LDL levels. 

Our source of krill oil is the most researched krill brand on the market and, in addition to multiple heart-health-related studies, some recent research includes brain health, sports nutrition, and skin health. 

All these published research studies show great promise of Omega Icon’s krill source and its effectiveness beyond heart health.


Using The Omega-3 Index As A Health Tool

There have already been more than 150 published papers using or referencing the Omega-3 index, and millions of omega-3 index tests conducted to manage patients’ heart disease risk.

It is a diagnostic tool that is quickly becoming popular with medical professionals. 

You will see this tool start to play a more central role in routine clinical care to bring patients up to the ideal 8% target by increasing their intake of omega-3 supplements or oily fish.



Yes, this tool helps assess an individual’s cardiovascular health, but it also will add insight into the general well-being based on the amount of EPA and DHA in the blood. 

How quickly this happens depends on the source of Omega-3s. 

The krill we use in Omega Icon has been shown to increase the omega-3 index faster and more efficiently when compared to other marine and algal sources.

Omega Icon Is A Pure Safe Source Of Omega-3s


Our Krill oil is environmentally clean in its original form.  Antarctic krill are very low in the marine food chain and live in the cleanest waters on Earth.  So they are naturally low in contaminants. 

It is unique in the marine omega-3 landscape because there are much fewer processing steps involved to create a final product.

The on-board processing that immediately takes place when the krill are caught prevents decomposition and degradation of the krill oil.  It protects the integrity and benefits of the product.

Protecting the stability of omega-3 oils is a well known challenge, and our Omega Icon has two main advantages over traditional omega-3s such as fish oil. 

The high content of omega-3 phospholipids and the naturally-occurring antioxidant astaxanthin are key to preventing oxidation and prolonging shelf life. 

Since Antarctic krill live in a naturally clean environment, there’s significantly less risk of heavy metal contamination. 


Why Do We Care About Sustainability & Traceability?


Sustainability has been at the core of our mission with Omega Icon since its inception. 

Given the importance of krill in our ecosystem, our commitment as well as Aker BioMarine’s commitment to ensuring its future and the future of animals that depend on krill as a primary food source is vital.

In fact, in 2015 a report came out from the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership showed that the only Omega-3 source in “Very Good” condition comes exclusively from our source’s krill fishery.  This has earned them an “A” rating. 



The “A” rating from SFP is significant for the krill fishery because it represents independent verification that it is sustainably managed; and since krill is a vital part of the food chain, we simply can’t do business with a supplier unless we know the appropriate environmental steps to ensure the krill species is being protected.

Our source of Krill also achieved another accomplishment in 2015 when it was re-certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) for the sustainability and 100% traceability of its krill.



To keep things rolling in 2015, they also achieved the Non-GMO Project Verification.  Currently they are the only krill source that has obtained this verification and one of just a few Omega-3 companies in whole to receive this approval. 

This ensures that all components used to make our Omega Icon contain no genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

In terms of krill fishing and Omega-3 supplementation, our Omega Icon and our supplier continue to lead the way in setting the highest possible standards for operation. 

Hopefully you have learned just how important Omega-3s are to our overall health and how it helps to reduce our risk of various diseases.  I also hope that you have learned that quality does matter in regards to the benefits you can obtain. 

Get started with Omega Icon today which is a leader in high-quality Omega-3s that can significantly improve your Omega-3 index level faster than many other sources of marine oils (fish oil, algae).


Documented To Increase Your Omega-3 Index Level Within 30 Days
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