How 1 Uncommon Digestive Enzyme Can TRIPLE The Absorption of Protein In Your Body (and we have it)


By Kevin DiDonato MS, CES—Level 1 Certified Precision Nutrition Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer

When choosing a protein powder, there are many different options to consider.

You want to make sure it tastes great, that there is adequate protein per serving, and that your body will be able to use it efficiently.

And that can make it a rather large challenge, since some protein powders are harder to digest than others.

This could leave a lot of protein unabsorbed, meaning you're leaving gainzz on the table.

So what do some manufacturers do?  They add digestive enzymes to the mix, so you can stop wasting your protein powder…

…and instead focus on building a bigger and better physique.

Now, we are no strangers to using digestive enzymes.  In fact, our protein powder contains by far the coolest and most exciting digestive enzymes to hit the market.

It’s called Aminogen and it’s backed by some pretty impressive research!

The fundamental function of Aminogen is to break down proteins into individual amino acids once inside your body.

This, as you’ll see in a moment, allows for greater amino acid absorption, which aids your body in repairing damaged cells, muscle tissue, and organs.

But before we get into the research, there’s something you should know…

Not all digestive enzymes are created equal.  In fact, some digestive enzymes may cause digestive issues in your body.

But not Aminogen! 

A recent study showed the participants taking Aminogen, showed no adverse kidney, liver, or heart reactions!

Further analysis showed that participants using Aminogen, showed no increase in LDL or total cholesterol.

(Participants not using the digestive enzyme DID show an increase in both LDL and total cholesterol, which could negatively impact heart health.)

The makers of Aminogen stated: “While Triarco conducted pre-clinical toxicity research on Aminogen years ago, and our previous clinical study included basic safety measures as part of good study design, we decided to take safety one step further.  What makes this study even more valuable is that this is the first published clinical study we know of that focuses on clinical safety measures for fungal proteases taken daily.” –stated the President of Triarco, Roger Rohde Jr.

But it gets even better…

We took a look at the previous study on Aminogen that was published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, and found some very, very impressive results.

(This is one of the main reasons why we included this awesome enzyme).

The authors noted that amino acid absorption TRIPLED in the presence of Aminogen. 

I will say it again, TRIPLED the rate of amino acid absorption, which led to a 100 percent INCREASE in amino acid levels found in the participants!

They also showed a 250 percent INCREASE in key amino acid levels and a 32 percent increase in nitrogen retention.

All these signs show that Aminogen may lead to better amino acid (protein absorption) which could improve lean muscle mass, body composition, and energy.

On a different note, studies also show that Aminogen lends a hand at reducing one of the most sinister creatures that destroys healthy cells and organs.

And that is inflammation.

It’s a lesser known benefit of Aminogen, but one that is worth noting.

Chronic, persistent inflammation has been shown to destroy healthy cells in your body, which could reduce the basic function in many of your cells and organs.

Plus, it could make it harder to lose abdominal fat (aka stubborn belly fat).

Protein has been shown to impact CRP levels—the immune response that signifies when inflammation is present—by lowering the numbers, therefore lowering persistent, chronic inflammation.

How does Aminogen help?  Breaking down proteins into individual—and ABSORBABLE—amino acids, you could see an increase in lean muscle development, a decrease in sticky belly fat, and a noticeable increase in your metabolism.

All factors that could dramatically increase your body fat loss and dramatically impact both inflammation and CRP numbers!


Protein powders are not created equal.

Some powders are harder to digest, which could take a toll on your body.

This could lead to uncomfortable bloating or stomach pains, lost protein, and higher liver and kidney function.

However, some protein powder manufacturers have gone a step forward and added a digestive enzyme to the mix, therefore making it easier to digest the proteins into amino acids that are readily absorbed by your body.

Although some digestive enzymes may not work well enough…

…Aminogen is not one of them!  Aminogen may be one of the coolest digestive enzymes around because it TRIPLES the rate of absorption of amino acids by your body.

This also leads to a 100 percent increase in key amino acids, which allows your body to repair damaged cells…build lean muscle mass…and boost your metabolism.

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