Simple Morning Practice Could Result In 20 LBS. Lost In 6 Months


According to a new study, there is a pretty simple way to lose 3 X the weight (and that includes belly fat).

Now, you may be thinking it’s due to some sort of radical new procedures…

Perhaps you think it’s due to a new SUPER pill or weight loss gadget…

But you would be mistaken!

In fact, this simple way to lose 20 LBS. in just  months starts with something you probably have in your bathroom right now.

Let me explain…

Daily Weigh In and Weight Loss

Everyone wants to lose weight.

It could be the bikini model looking to lose a couple of pounds for her next shoot…

The guy at the gym who wants to have a six-pack…

Or the person who has 10 pounds (or more) to lose.

Whoever you are, there’s a good chance you are looking to lose a little bit (or a lot) of weight this year.

Well, I have news for you…

A new study shows that you could lose up to 20 LBS. in a just 6 months by implementing this ONE daily ritual:

Weighing yourself DAILY!

Now, as a trainer and nutritionist, I tend to have people weigh themselves once a week!

However, this new study (and others like it) may have changed my mind on this thought!

A new study conducted by Duke University has shown that weighing in daily may yield some pretty fantastic results.

You see, they took 47 overweight men and women and separated them into two different groups: one group weighed in daily and the other group weighed in once a week.

Of the 47 people, 24 weighed in daily (51 percent) with the other 23 weighing in once every five days.

They showed that those who weighed in daily lost roughly 14 pounds over the course of SIX months compared to those who weighed once a week.


Also, the group who weighed in daily adopted a healthier lifestyle by incorporating more healthy daily habits.

From their work, the researchers concluded: “Weighing every day led to greater adoption of weight control behaviors and produced greater weight loss compared with weighing most days of the week. This further implicates daily weighing as an effective weight loss tool.”


If you have a little (or a lot) of weight to lose, then there may be a simple solution for you.

A new study shows that people who weigh in daily may lose more weight and belly fat compared to those who weigh in once a week.

The reason for the dramatic weight loss may be simple:

Researchers theorize that those who weigh in daily—and see results—may be more apt to adhere to a weight loss program.

In fact, researchers even noted that those who weighed in daily were more likely to adopt healthier habits to speed up their weight loss results.

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight, then maybe weighing in daily could be a good way to keep you on track and improve your adherence to a fat loss program.



Steinberg DM, Bennett GG, Askew S, Tate DF.  Weighing Every Day Matters: Daily Weighing Improves Weight Loss and Adoption of Weight Control Behaviors.  Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  2015 Apr;115 (4):511-518.


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