The Time-Efficient Way to Burn Even MORE Fat and Calories (scientifically-proven)

If you have found that the exercise program you are currently doing is just not cutting through the fat, then stop, take a breath, and follow along.

If you are like some people, then you may follow a cut-out, simply designed program that focuses mainly on cardiovascular training with strength and flexibility mixed in.

However, you may be missing the number one key to losing weight, increasing your metabolism, and boosting your daily energy expenditure.

What can you do instead of boring cardio?

How about sprint training, or as known in most fitness circles, as high-intensity interval training.

Research shows that sprint training could increase energy expenditure, metabolism, and lean muscle mass, in a more time-efficient manner than regular endurance exercise (cardio).

If you want to increase your calorie burn, increase your metabolism, and increase your WEIGHT LOSS then you need our clinically-proven formula shown to tackle the two contributing factors for belly fat.

In fact, a new study that has been presented at a meeting of the American Physiological Society supports the use of sprint interval training, not only for improving health, but for increasing calorie burn and improving weight loss.

Sprint Interval Training and Weight Loss

So here’s the lowdown on sprint training.

Sprint training has been shown in research to alter the way your body handles nutrients and hormones, specifically sugar and insulin.

Sometimes your body is unable to utilize the power of insulin, which means that you may have some degree of insulin resistance.  When this happens, your body is unable to process sugar from your blood and put it into your muscles for either storage, or to use for energy.

Sprint training has been shown to make your body more sensitive to insulin, therefore allowing your cells to fully use insulin and absorb as much sugar as needed in order to fuel the cell.


Although sprint training has been shown to make your cells more sensitive to insulin, there has been very little evidence that it improves long-term weight loss and weight management.

Until now!

The authors of this study may have found the answer.

They tested their hypothesis on five healthy men, who were watched for three days prior to being placed in a whole-room direct calorimeter (used to assess energy expenditure from heat production, really cool stuff!).

For three days, the men were put on a controlled diet and maintenance of their energy balance.  From there, they were placed into the room for the next two days, where they performed in the morning, on random days, 5 sets of 30-second all-out sprint intervals (7.5 percent of their total body weight), followed by no resistance recovery periods on a cycle.

What they found, was ASTONISHING!

They showed that just one bout of this all-out sprint training INCREASED calorie burning over a 24-hour period in ALL the subjects, even during a very sedentary day.

Their data showed that sprint interval training is a time-efficient alternative to endurance training as a strategy for weight management.

Change Up Your Routine

If you’re stuck in a weight-loss rut, changing up your approach to exercise may increase weight loss and boost your metabolism.

By moving away from the more traditional cardiovascular exercise to sprint training (high-intensity interval training), may boost your metabolism and weight loss – all in a more time-efficient manner.

Meaning, you may burn MORE calories and shred MORE belly fat in less time than your traditional cardiovascular program.

As the results of this study show, sprint training may be a great alternative to long-duration endurance training for weight loss and overall weight management.

So start boosting your fat loss results today!

Sprint Workout Program


Sets Distance Rest Notes
5 40 yards Walk back to the starting line Try to be ready to run again within 2 minutes
2 200 meters Walk back to start or rest 2 minutes  
5 100 meters Walk back to the start or no longer than 2 minutes rest  

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