What Your Poop Can Tell You About Your Health

…and why looking before you flush could potentially save your life!

By Kevin DiDonato MS, CES—Level 1 Certified Precision Nutrition and Certified Personal Trainer

I want to talk to you today about something that is considered WEIRD or TABOO in today’s society…

…your POOP.

I know it sounds strange—and maybe a little gross—but the truth is:

Your POOP Is Whispering To You and Telling You The DEEP, Dark Secrets—That You Can’t See—About Your Health!

If you ask anyone about their pooping habits, most will either 1) run away screaming that you’re some sicko, or 2) will avoid the conversation and start a new one.

But talking about your poop is VERY IMPORTANT because your pooping habits can tell you so much about your inner workings and about your health in general.

I am going to be completely honest with you…

You Can Learn So Much About Your Health By Taking A Good, Hard Look At Your Poop!

Give me a moment to explain…

What Can Your Poop Tell You About Your Health?

Face it: You poop…I poop…we all poop.  It’s a part of nature and it definitely should be a part of your daily routine.

But many people avoid it.  They wipe and flush and don’t really take a look in the bowl before it goes down—so they don’t really know just how healthy they really are.

Here’s a nugget of information to chew on:

If You’re Not Pooping Right, It Could Be a Sign From Your Body That Something Could be WRONG!

Think about how much time you spend shopping, preparing, and eating healthy foods in order to lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, to lose weight, or just maintain generally good health.

So you may think you’re doing everything right.  But you may NOT be!

Depending on how your poop looks—or if you’re pooping daily—could indicate that you’re not digesting your foods correctly or that there is a serious problem going on inside your body.

The way you poop (or don’t) could signal that you have either a fast or slow moving intestinal tract, which could lead to many severe health issues in the future (neurological, autoimmune, etc.).

Pooping is kinda like the chirping sound you get from a smoke detector when the battery is running low.  Don’t change the batteries, and one night at 3am the alarm will go off and you won’t be able to shut it off (that’s a true story that happened to me one night).

Pooping is the same way.  It’s a warning sign that there is something wrong going on inside your body, and if you don’t take the time to fix it, then you may have serious health issues in the future.

BUT there is one more thing to consider:

If Your Pooping is GOOD then it’s a good sign your body is working the way it’s supposed to and you’re still on the way to good health!

So the next question is:

What’s Your Poop Trying to Tell You about Your Health?

If you even wanted to know (trust me, before now, I didn’t even know this), there are FOUR keys to having a healthy and happy poop.   (Trust me, you’d know if you had one).

If you don’t know quite where you need to start with assessing your poop, here are some keys to consider:

1. What Your Poop Looks Like

There is nothing more important to a healthy poop then what your poop actually looks like.  Does it remind you of a snake—smooth and long?  Or is it tiny chunks that pool at the bottom of the toilet?

What your poop looks like is a great indicator of your overall health.  There are 7 distinct types of poop, ranging from pebble-sized poops to completely liquid and foul-smelling.

It’s been determined that a healthy poop looks like a snake (long body)--soft and very smooth.  If your poop doesn’t look like a snake, then you may have some issues going on inside your body that need to be addressed.

2. The Ease of Pooping

Do you find it hard to poop?  Do you get the urge to go and when you do, it feels like your insides are ripping out?  

Most people spend a good amount of time sitting on the toilet either waiting for it to come out, or straining hard so it will come out. 

In reality, however, a normal healthy poop should take only a few minutes to get out of your body.

On a side note: Pooping too hard could lead to tearing in the soft tissue in your butt, which could eventually lead to hemorrhoids if you’re not careful.

3. Did It ALL Come Out?

One of the questions I often have to ask my kids is: “Did you get all your poop out?”

I know it sounds funny, but running back to the toilet to poop all the time is not a good indicator for your health.

A full evacuation means: All your poop came out on the first try.  Multiple toilet visits could mean that you’re not having healthy bowel movements, which could signal poor digestive health.

4. How Often Are You Pooping?

Your body is full of toxins that could make you sick, fat, and unhealthy.  Pooping is one way to rid your body of these toxins and return your system to normal.

Healthy people tend to poop between ONE and THREE times a day.  More than that means you’re probably evacuating more diarrhea than anything else.

On the flip side, if you’re pooping only a couple times a week, then you may be constipated.

Both conditions (constipation and diarrhea) could pose a risk to your health (dehydration and build-up of toxins) and could have long-term side effects to your health.

Let’s Talk About Poop

I know it sounds strange, but your poop is a very good indicator of your overall health.  But many people don’t do anything about it.

And they don’t LOOK at their poop to see what it looks like and if they should be worried.  But you should be!

Depending on how your poop looks…how often and how easy it is to poop…and if you’re always in the bathroom (or not) could be one of the best indicators that there is something wrong inside your body.

If you’re noticing that you go days without pooping…

Or it’s runny all the time…

Then you may have some issues to iron out with your digestive system.  And if you neglect your daily bathroom activity (yes, it should be daily), then you may experience serious issues to your health.


I have great news!  On the next page, I am going to show you a simple daily trick that could:

  • Keep your digestive system in proper working order
  • Eliminate nasty toxins that may be making you fat and sick
  • Decode your poop and get things moving in the right direction again
  • Stop gas and constipation DEAD IN ITS TRACKS

We even share the WORST thing you can do that impacts your health and EXACTLY what you need to do to take care of it.  It’s all found on the page…




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