Testosterone And Body Fat

(High Testosterone=Low Body Fat)


Have you looked in the mirror lately and seen someone almost unrecognizable?   You look tired, old and fat.  You have lost your mojo, your motivation, and your body.  This may not be entirely your fault.  You can blame poor diet, lack of exercise, and general sedentary lifestyle for some of it.   Lower testosterone levels might also be to blame for the change in you.

Unfortunately, this is not uncommon for men around the world.  Lower testosterone levels may results in depression, loss of lean muscle mass, and an obvious change in mood. 

But what should concern you is the increase in body fat and the decrease in lean muscle mass.  This may be a double-edged sword as increased body (and belly) fat may lower testosterone levels even further .

As you get older, you may see a decrease in hormone and testosterone levels.  This decrease raises and BMI and alters body fat distribution across the body.  And this altered body fat state may be lead to decreases in your lean muscle mass.

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Increasing your testosterone levels—naturally or with artificial means—could lead to overall better body fat distribution on your body and overall positive changes in your physique.

If your testosterone levels currently are low, and you increase them even slightly, you may once again feel like yourself, have better energy, feel the vigor of youth, and both increase lean muscle mass and decrease your body fat levels.

In fact, research done by Snyder et al concluded that if men over the age of 65 increased their testosterone to what would be consider mid-normal range (for younger men), could see positive changes in their body composition.

They showed that elderly men with higher testosterone, showed an increase in lean muscle mass and a decrease in body fat.

Plus, they noticed the BIGGEST change in their trunk (belly fat decrease), legs, and arms!  Basically, they started to get RIPPED!

In other research, done by Vermeulan et al, they concluded that increasing testosterone levels do have positive effects on muscle hypertrophy and increase fat-free mass.  

They also showed that in several incidences throughout their research, increased plasma testosterone levels had positive effects on fat-free mass, and lower testosterone levels had negative effects on fat-free mass, and increased body fat accumulation.

So what should you take from these findings?

You should understand that supplementing with natural testosterone boosters may improve your overall body composition by shredding some of the stored fat you have around your belly, chest, arms, and legs.

It could also lead to improvements in your mood! 

Now, it could also increase your strength and the size of your muscles (remember the hypertrophy), and may even improve your overall performance—regardless of age!

Increasing your lean muscle mass may lead to improvements in self-confidence, self-esteem, and help promote a positive self-image with a lean, muscular body that may only be associated with naturally increasing your testosterone levels.

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