Did The World Health Organization Just Ruin a Good Thing?

Losing weight and protecting yourself from chronic diseases is VITALLY IMPORTANT.

Many of the foods you eat may pose SERIOUS risks to your health and weight loss goals.

Food manufacturers today may be in the business of deceptive marketing.

Some have changed their ways, while others have not.

The changes that have been made may reduce your risk.

For those who have NOT changed, their products may SLOWLY lead to inflammation and increase your heart disease risk.

Chronic inflammation may lead to heart disease, diabetes,
metabolic syndrome and obesity

But there is ONE ingredient especially bad for you: that is trans-fats.

And these trans-fats are found in more foods than you would think!


Trans-fats are made through a chemical process called hydrogenation.

Manufacturers add hydrogen to unsaturated fats to break down their double bonds.

The goal is to produce partial or full saturated fats.

However, since this is not a natural process, but a chemical one, the fats are not completely hydrogenated.

This may produce a trans-unsaturated fat, which is not a completely saturated fat.

Trans-fats may be associated with increased inflammation in your body.

Inflammation may increase your risk for chronic diseases by
increasing inflammation in your body

Trans-fats may increase LDLs and decrease HDL cholesterol, posing a risk to your HEART and CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM.

Here are the top five trans-fatty foods to avoid:

Food #1: Meat Sticks

Have you ever “Snapped into a Slim Jim”?

If you have, you may be wary of meat sticks in the future.

You may be ingesting anywhere from 1 to 2 grams of trans-fats per serving.

You may also be increasing your SODIUM intake, possibly leading to increased BLOOD pressure.

And increased blood pressure may increase your RISK FACTORS.

Food #2: Margarine

Which is better: butter or margarine?

Butter should be the obvious choice.

Margarine contains hydrogenated oils, which may increase your trans-fats and saturated fats.

This may increase your risk factors for heart disease.

Food #3 Frozen Dinners

Sodium is not the only thing you need to worry about with frozen dinners.

Now you need to worry about trans-fats.

Trans-fats may be used as an additive to foods to improve the consistency of the product.

It may also keep your food more stable.

But what it might really do: is add to your trans-fat intake.

Food #4: Packaged Pudding

This dessert favorite in the lunchroom at school, may potentially be putting your children (and YOU) at risk.

Packaged pudding may include ingredients such as non-fat milk or low-fat milk.

But the secret ingredient may be the partially hydrogenated oils found in these snack treats.

And this poses a risk not only for you, but also your family.

Food #5: Nondairy Creamers

You make your eggs.

You make your coffee and your oatmeal.

But what you put in your COFFEE may be misleading.

Non-dairy creamers may include trans-fats.

And most of them claim to be trans-fat free.

But take a closer look at the label, and you might be SHOCKED.

Halfway down the list, you may see an ingredient that may increase your intake of trans-fats.

Most, if not all, contain partially hydrogenated oils.

And that means: you are taking in trans-fats, and you may not even know it!

Other foods that contain trans-fats which you should limit in your diet

• French fries

• Fried food of any kind

• Canned frosting

• Pie and pie crusts

Lower Your Heart Disease Risk

Trans-fats may increase your risk for developing heart disease.

Trans-fats may raise your LDL cholesterol and decrease your HDL cholesterol, and might even lead to inflammation.

The good news is: Most food manufacturers have reduced trans-fats found in their products.

However, some products still may include ingredients which may increase your intake of trans-fats.

Limiting your intake of these foods, and replacing them with fruits and vegetables, may significantly reduce your risk for developing heart disease.

Including lean proteins and essential fatty acids may also reduce your risk factors.


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